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We live in an exciting time. The future is happening right now and the revolution of mobile computing is taking the world by storm. We at digi117 are fortunate to be part of the wave, right on its edge. The digi117 Agency is the complete all-around studio able to solve the ever growing and evolving business challenges of our clients

Vadim Chernega - President, digi117

About Digi117

digi117 is an award-winning digital marketing and business development firm. We engineer technology-driven marketing solutions, build mobile applications, and design brand expansion campaigns that are tailored to thrive in a modern digital ecosystem that is as far reaching as it is dynamic and unpredictable.

Our work adapts to seamlessly connect and interact with emerging digital platforms. We execute solutions that are in tune to the constantly evolving digital marketplace. We will exceed your marketing, brand management, digital development, and design needs regardless of the platform you want to target.

We understand the value of interconnected solutions in a digital landscape where communication isn’t simply a commodity but the top commodity. We operate from cost-effective global hubs and utilize teams of professionals whose expertise is as versatile as it is in-depth. digi117 represents unparalleled value, quality, and speed dedicated to your needs and directed toward the future of your business.

The digi117 Art Studio is fueled by creativity and focused on designing the face of our client's digital presence. We work imaginatively and efficiently with each client to compose their digital visions that touch the end users.

Denis Poluyanov - Director of Operations, digi117 Art Studio

About Digi Art Studio

Design is king in the digital ecosystem and digi117 Art Studio is sitting on the cutting edge. We know what works visually - what design styles, graphics, and visual strategies send the messages you want to send, and what doesn’t. In an arena where memorably implementing the right aesthetics the right way makes or breaks brands, applications, businesses, and institutions digi117 Art Studio has you covered. We offer everything from brand development and graphic design services to digital animation, app, web, and mobile web UI solutions, and we’re ready when you are.


INTERSOG Enterprise works on diverse projects in every imaginable and unimaginable scale, priding itself on ensuring the quality of every product we deliver to our clients is exemplary whether it be for a small businesses or a Fortune 500 company.

Alex Olmezov - INTERSOG Enterprise

About Intersog Enterprise

INTERSOG Enterprise solutions give companies the power to revolutionize and mobilize their operations or business reach throughout the web as well as across every major mobile platform in the world. Offering industry leading software and mobile application development services, development outsourcing options, and flexible mobilization solutions. INTERSOG Enterprise is your gateway to the digital frontier.


App development needs to be as interactive a process as the final products we make. Mobile computing has brought about a revolution both in terms of how easily we're able to interact with one another as well as with products, brands, and services. Our approach to developing mobile solutions is just as interactive, and just as streamlined.

Julia Zagoruiko - Director of Operations, INTERSOG Mobile

About Intersog Mobile

INTERSOG Mobile offers highly scalable mobile application development and development support solutions for both independent and enterprise clients. We are an industry leader in mobile innovation, quality application design, and top tier coding solutions and business solutions for everyone from small start-ups to major corporations & educational institutions. Our available services run the gamut from interactive digital publishing and gamification, to mobile branding, market analysis, and promotional campaigns. If you’re ready to bring your business into the mobile arena, ensure your brand becomes “mobile aware”, or simply have a great idea for a new app we’re here to make it a reality.


digi117, by design, is built to work within new advertising arenas. We believe in the strength of mobile marketing solutions in todays marketplace, especially the vast potential of mobile web and mobile apps as ad platforms for keeping brands and the products behind them relevant.

Julia Guzunova - Vice President, ComboApp

About ComboApp

ComboApp is a Marketing & PR Agency dedicated towards providing custom app promotion solutions for mobile and web-based application developers. Operating across every major mobile platform the agency provides scalable marketing services that increase products' visibility within the marketplace, throughout social networks, and across web-based media outlets. ComboApp brings together creative talents and market analysis experts to conceptualize and execute everything from mobile-centric press and consumer outreach campaigns to advertising services and app monetization solutions.


Running a company is challenging and rewarding experience. It's all about working with people. Note the "with". Nobody works "for me", they work "with me". It's a key to success.

Igor Fedulov - CEO, INTERSOG

About Intersog

INTERSOG is a global provider of mobile app and custom web solutions with over 5 years in the mobile apps development space. INTERSOG assists clients in defining their mobile app road map, supporting the strategic analysis, competitive landscape research, current reusable assets, and primary business drivers. From marketing and promotion to operational efficiencies, INTERSOG delivers mobility solutions that bring unprecedented value in connectivity, availability, platform coverage and user analytics.


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