Igor Fedulov

Igor has built a reputation as a tech industry innovator on the technical and business fronts alike. Throughout a career spanning over fifteen years, Igor has balanced his technical roots and executive acumen with top-level involvement in high-profile projects for Volkswagen AG, Orbitz, and American Airlines. Throughout this time he never lost the energetic mind-set of a tech entrepreneur, a passion that led Igor to head a number of successful technical ventures before his ultimate appointment as the CEO of INTERSOG - a software/mobile application development company based in Chicago. Igor holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA from the esteemed Steinbeis-Hochschule University in Berlin. A lover of everything outdoors, when he's out of the office Igor can likely be found strapped to a snowboard in the Rockies.

Julia Guzunova
Vice President, ComboApp

Julia has spent over six years in the IT and Mobile technology industries. In that time she's become an expert on mobile industry marketing techniques. Over the years Julia's perennial motivation propelled her to rise from executing marketing plans for individual clients to leading the daily operations of ComboApp, a busy mobile marketing agency. She adeptly implements global marketing strategies, and has proven herself flexible enough to succeed everywhere from the Gaming Software Industry to commercial B2B markets. Always determined to share her wisdom, Julia's role as ComboApp's Vice President has let her pass on the keys to successful mobile marketing to her team. Besides doing battle on the marketing front she also found time to become fluent in French, Greek and Russian. She's also been a life long dancing enthusiast, and is a classically trained dancer.

Julia Zagoruiko
Director of Operations, INTERSOG Mobile

The Director of Operations at INTERSOG, Julia Zagoruiko heads up all client-based projects and personally oversees the development and expansion of our mobile product lines. A pivotal force within the company since its initial founding, Julia holds a bachelors degree in Software Engineering and a masters degree in Project Management. Her keen understanding of the life cycle of modern software development combined with a passion for unlocking the potential of mobile platforms set her apart from her contemporaries. Not to mention she’s a threat on the ski slopes and an avid hiker too. 

Vadim Chernega
President, digi117

Vadim is a digital industry veteran with over 20 years of experience under his belt. Part of that experience was spent in maritime business, where he traveled around the world leading the construction of world-class software systems at an eclectic array of international locales including the Ports of Amsterdam, Dublin, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Shanghai among many others. His vision has helped found several successful businesses over years. Among these was Chicago's own INTERSOG, a mobile software development company. Most recently his passion for digital marketing has led Vadim to focus his energy on digi117, a new creation brought to life by his creative team. Vadim holds a Masters in Computer Science and an internationally recognized MBA from Berlin's Steinbeis University. He's also a self-professed tennis enthusiast and ASA certified sailing lover.

Monti Samuel
Executive Assistant to the President

Monti joins digi117 with a wealth of experience in differing disciplines. She earned her Marketing degree at Syracuse University, NY and began her Masters at Cornell University, NY only to leave and start her own business and subsequently join several start ups in Silicon Valley in the late 90s. She has been in the resort development and marketing field for the past 2 years in the Caribbean and has returned to her technology side by joining digi117 in Vancouver. In between she has criss crossed the world from North America to Asia and Africa and in her spare time you will find Monti parked at one of the numerous restaurants in Vancouver, she is our local gourmand. 

Nataliya Ryzhkina
Web Team Lead

Nataliya is a leading web development specialist with a strong background in both front-end and back-end web-application engineering. A 9 year veteran in her field, Nataliya is an expert in communicating with customers and translating their application architecture needs from concepts into reality. Her expertise in PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML, HTML5, JS, AJAX, SQL is no laughing matter, unlike the barrage of hilarity she brings with her to the office everyday. She loves cats too, which we presume is because - much unlike the realities of web development - they’re cute, cuddly, and predictable.

Mikhail Vasilyev
Software Team Lead

A self made software development expert, Mikhail has been a part of the INTERSOG team since 2007. With a personal passion for Java and a natural sense of leadership, he knows not only how to create a productive professional atmosphere but also how to push both himself and his team to do the finest work possible on a daily basis. Mikhail has built a reputation with us as a Java guru who’s as in tune with the maxims of maintaining a healthy office space as he is with putting smiles on clients’ faces. 

Alex Palagin
Software Team Lead

Aleksey Palagin leads INTERSOG’s Software development team. Starting his professional career as a systems programmer at a research institute, Aleksey quickly expanded his experience as an applied developer in the finance industry and later as the leader of INTERSOG’s Java team. After spending ten years in software development, he’s not simply an expert in developing enterprise web apps, as well as Java and Claster based systems in general, but an expert in managing the team working on such projects. Aleksey is motivated by the essence of knowledge aggregation, and a genuine belief that anyone working within the Software as a Service industry should be focused on providing actionable insights across whichever media the client wishes to focus on.

Dmitry Bondarenko
Director of Strategy Consulting

Dmitry is a consummate global business development expert and management professional with experience that stretches across the hospitality, direct sales (business to business), customer service, management of people & projects. He’s worked with global leaders such as Hilton, Marriott, and Enterprise Holdings Inc. among others, and has brought a unique blend of salesmanship and tech savvy expansion to each post. Fostering a strong passion for integrating new technologies into innovative new product and service sales solutions, Dmitry seemed a natural fit to bring his exuberant negotiation skills and energetic workmanship to ComboApp.

Valerie Khristoforova
Director of Operations

A flexible talent with over four years’ worth of public relations experience, Valerie’s work has run the gamut from coordinating press conferences, putting together leisurely contests, developing public relations content, and everything in between. Passionate about politics and literature, her varied skills and experience in high-pressure public relations challenges have helped propel Valeria to success as a ComboApp's Director of Operations. They’ve also help her win many a battle with her cat in the morning before she heads to work.

Sergey Kanishchev
Director of Marketing

Sergey is an award winning digital marketing specialist well versed in running high profile socially driven projects. He’s gathered a wealth of numerous digital brand development, advertising, and commercial marketing experience throughout his career, and has nurtured a healthy personal passion for global culture along the way. Much like ComboApp and our team, Sergey is worldly both in his personal and professional lives. We think it’s a match made in heaven.

Victor Schenkh
Analytical Team Lead

Leading our Analytical Team, Victor Schenkh is an expert in designing user interfaces that are as practical and intuitive as they are aesthetically innovative. He has over five years worth of experience in the IT industry as well as working in the digital integration arms of companies on almost every scale from small tech start ups to multinational organizations. Victor has taken to application development and mobile industry analytics with the same enthusiasm that helped him excel as a designer in his earlier years, and it’s a drive he’s been able to instil within every member of his team at INTERSOG. 

Tatyana Vovchek
Graphics Designer

Tatyana Vovchek has over 4 years of experience in graphic and web design. Seeking to bolster her creative passions with business savvy and analytical knowledge, she received a degree in Informational Technologies before moving her focus to designing professional websites & software interfaces, finally finding a place on the digi117 Art Studio team. A natural at balancing diverse graphic elements, Tatyana is a lifelong student of drawing and photography in her free time. 

Alex Olmezov
INTERSOG Enterprise

A Software Development veteran active within the industry since 1998, Alex is the ostensibly energetic database development leader at INTERSOG. Starting his career with us as a DBA, DB, and Software developer Alex is a master database developer at the company. He’s shown us what goal-seeking professionalism is all about while simultaneously being one of the most light hearted positive pillars of our team. As the senior DB developer Alex strives for professional perfection. When he’s not elevating our team Alex can be found pursuing his second passion - globetrotting with his family.

Max Rabinovitch
Creative Writer

Max is a writer and creative strategist with experience spanning across multiple areas of business. Initially establishing himself as a technical writer and researcher within the IT industry, his experience with creative writing and design served as a catalyst to start building up a copywriting portfolio centered around creative marketing and advertising content. Years of eclectic experience writing everything from stories to mobile app content taught Max that great content is never one-dimensional – that great technical work never lacks elements of creativity, or vice versa. It’s an axiom he brings with him to ComboApp.

Margaret Dickman
Director of Sales

Margaret has been coordinating and arranging sales since 1996. Over a decade of experience selling IT solution services and a natural penchant for levity and persuasive drive inform her creative perspectives on effective sales strategies. Margaret holds client loyalty as her top priority and firmly believes that sales ought to be less driven by smoke and mirrors than by providing genuine solutions for equally genuine marketing or business challenges. It's a belief that has served her well, and one she's brought on board as a hallmark of her tenure at INTERSOG. With an unbounded passion for creativity, Margaret can be found creating art and writing music when she's not negotiating projects with our clients.

Bill McGraw
VP Sales

Bill comes to digi117 with 20 years experience in sales & marketing within the interactive and mobile arena. Besides launching the first Hyper-local Indoor Location based Mobile Marketing program Bill has also started several businesses and executed plans for sales, marketing, product and service offerings, client management and pricing models. He is a very hands-on individual with innovative thinking and a personality that wants to get things done. Bill has spent the last 8 years in sunny southern California and now joins our Vancouver team. He firmly eschews the “be green” philosophy and rarely will be seen driving. 

Tania Mulry
Digital Strategy Consultant

Tania Mulry is an award-winning mobile marketer. She has developed cutting edge digital and experiential marketing campaigns for an impressive roster of clients like AT&T, JCPenney, GameStop, Brinkers (Chili’s), Nintendo, Nokia, RIM, LG, State Farm, Kimberly-Clark, Frito-Lay, the San Diego Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, the San Francisco Giants, and the San Antonio Spurs.

Robert Szmigiel
Senior Marketing Strategist

With a BA degree from San Jose State University, California, Robert has performed for several years at senior level sales/marketing and brand management positions and has created and worked on some of the biggest brand names in online gaming. During his career, Robert has developed and managed major brands and received industry acclaim while winning awards for projects he has produced. His awards include winning gaming “Affiliate Program Brand of the Year” and “Best New Online Casino Concept” among others from leading industry media and gaming organizations.

Life at Digi117

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